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Bring your Spouse to the USA!

Why Does Cherry Blossoms Visa Work So Well?

Let us show you what we have learned over 40 years!

Step 1. Create an account and complete your questionnaire as fast or as slow as you want to.

Step 2. We perfectly & professionally prepare your visa petition the way that the USCIS wants to see it, and then send it to your mailing address.

Step 3. When you receive your petition from us, you will leave it in the exact order we sent it you in, sign where all the stickies are, and send it to the address we provide for you.

Our A-Z / Personalized Visa Services

Are you ready for the K-1 Visa, Spousal Visa or Green Card (Adjustment of Status)? 

Are you wanting to take all the Wonder and all the Worry out of the Visa Petition Process? 

Are you excited to remove the risk of doing the forms yourself, and making simple mistakes that can cause you a delay or denial (and have to pay the $535 fee again)?  

Are you super excited to not use an Attorney who will charge you three to five times more for less personalized services? 

Cherry Blossoms Visa will professionally prepare your Visa Petition exactly the way USCIS wants to see it, and for the lowest price in the World, 100% GUARANTEED!

Here are Important Reasons to use Cherry Blossoms Visa

Lowest Price Guarantee

We guarantee the lowest price in the World for the Fiancée Visa, Spousal Visa, and the Green Card (Adjustment of Status). Whether you are paying in full, or using our payment plan, nobody has a better price, or service!

Over 40 Years of Visa Approvals

We have helped countless numbers of clients realize their relationship dreams, and have a 100% success rate of our Visa Petitions. We are so excited to help you too!

3 Hour Completion of Paperwork

Once you have provided us with all the information the USCIS wants to see, Cherry Blossoms Visa will complete your Visa Petition in 3 hours or less. Nobody is better or faster.

Office in the United States

Our Professional Visa Staff are located in the United States of America. It’s the best place to be since all paperwork for your Visa Petition starts in the USA. We also found that insourcing, verses outsourcing for cheap labor, prevents communication errors and helps to account for our 100% success rate.

Speak to a Visa Professional

Talk with an experienced professional who is not reading answers from a computer screen, but has been helping clients for over 15 years. We speak English, Tagalog, Spanish and Chinese.

Everything is Online

All of your private information is stored securely online, and available to you at any time. If you have any changes to make, you can login and make them 24/7. In addition, we will keep you informed during each step of the process!

We have 1,000’s of Testimonials from 40+ Years of Being in Business!

"We are both eternally grateful for all of your help. I know I definitely could not have handled the paperwork aspect of this without you, and we cannot express our gratitude to you enough. I hope you know how much each individual life is positively affected by your help."
Matt And Joci
"A big thank you to the staff at Cherry Blossoms for getting us through the immigration process and helping my wife to come and be with me in America. We both appreciate all your efforts along the way in making this dream come true. We couldn’t have done it without you."
Christine And David
"Aurora and I were married in the Philippines and Cherry Blossoms took the guesswork out of the visa process. We were reunited in Albuquerque on Oct. 18, 2013. My son Tyler and I met her at the airport. Thank you so much to Cherry Blossoms for making this happen!"
Jay And Aurora